Answers to some of our frequent questions:

Q. I booked my trip. How do I make a payment?

 A. You can log into to your client portal  and authorize a payment there. Please make sure all of your information is updated and correct. You can also click on the Make a Payment button in the top right hand corner of the website's home page. 

Q. How do I log into my portal?

  A. You can click the client portal tab in the right hand corner on the home page of the website. Or you can click here. Then you can sign up or login with your email address or social media info. 

Q. How do I apply for a new passport?

   A. You can apply for and renew your passport on the government website by clicking here and then following the prompts to either apply for a new passport or renew your current one. 

Q. How do I know if it's safe where I'm going?

    A. I would advise you to be aware of your surrounding any where you are. Ladies wear a cross-body bag , men have your wallet securely in your pocket. Try not to have all your credit card, money and other important info in the same pocket. If you are pick pocketed they will not get everything. You can check any travel advisories here

Q. What happens in case of an emergency? Who do I call?

  A. You can call the local emergency number and the local US Embassy. You can also call me. Please make sure all of your emergency contact information is updated in your portal. You can find locate the local embassy here. You can also download this handy pdf with phone numbers for Ambulance, Fire and Police in various countries.