Don’t Miss the Ship!

People often wonder and ask. "If we are late getting back to the ship, will they wait?" The answer to that is simple. NO.You have to remember the ship is being charged as they sit and wait for you to leisurely stroll back. The have fees they have to pay to dock in each particular port. They also must depart at the scheduled time or they will incur additional fees. And NO they will not turn around and go back for you even if they have only sailed a few yards away from the dock. 

  You should also think about how inconsiderate you are being to your fellow cruise passengers. They have all made it back in time and are now listening as the crew repeatedly announce your name over the loud speakers. Trust me, they will all be waiting, watching, applauding and booing your arrival as you do the run of shame or a leisurely stroll down the dock.

  Usually cruise lines will wait for you for only a few minutes then they must depart. Every attempt will be made to contact you.They will call your stateroom and call your name over the loud speaker several times, but with no response they must sail on. Don't get left at the port. It can be very expensive to get home.